Diagnosis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Our myPRP series shares stories from our patients on their very personal experiences with biosignalled healing.
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MyPRP Tamara

Back to life

All my life I was doing sports, since 2017 more intensively in the field of “extreme obstacle course”, which included a lot of running and strength training. From the summer of 2020, I had fever and flu-like infections again and again. I attributed the fatigue to the fever and explained this to myself with the increased workload at work as well. When this did not improve after a few months, I started keeping a diary and noticed that increased exertion through sports or stress at work always led to these symptoms right away.

In the spring of 2021, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Despite treatments with various alternative medicines, elimination of the triggers – i.e. above all hardly any more sports and a lot of sleep – the symptoms persisted and made my life immensely difficult. A normal everyday life was no longer possible.

In December 2022, Dr. Peter Schnorr approached me about my lack of energy and fatigue and told me that a device for “Whole-Body Photobiomodulation” would be in use in his new practice by the end of January 2023. Since my grandmother was already practicing light therapy, this was not a question for me and right at the end of January I was in treatment.

After a detailed discussion of my symptoms and explanation of the treatment procedure, we started right away. I was able to schedule the six appointments for the first session within two weeks and start the same day.

The first treatment for acclimatization went for 8 minutes and fortunately this was absolutely problem-free for me, so that we were able to increase further already from the second treatment, so that I still reached the full duration of 20 minutes in the first week. After the first session of 6 treatments, a curtain went up in front of my eyes and I felt completely different; more rested, with much more energy and therefore with a zest for life again.

After that, as planned, there was a 2 week break before the second session started. Unfortunately, just before the second treatment, I twisted my ankle and suffered an avulsion fracture in my metatarsus. Fortunately, the treatment was running and was therefore also good for the foot through the whole-body therapy. The second session also went absolutely smoothly, so I couldn’t wait to get back into sports. The motivation was very high, even if I started a bit cautiously. Since April I have been running regularly again and completely symptom-free.

Therapy has given me my life back and I am enormously grateful to the team at FIRST ZURICH for that and for the excellent care I received. Many thanks!