An info series on Dr. Ursus Lüthi and Dr. Peter Schnorr

Dr. Ursus Lüthi and Dr. Peter Schnorr regularly appear as participants and as speakers at international conferences where they deal closely with the latest research studies and results from regenerative medicine. Our new PRP in research and healthcare series rounds up the most important news and views from the field.

Dr. Peter Schnorr and Dr. Ursus Lüthi at the TOBI Conference 2019 in Chicago

Dr. Peter Schnorr and Dr. Ursus Lüthi at the TOBI Conference 2019 in Chicago

PROM (patient-reported outcome measures) scores

Current studies have shown that “old” evaluation criteria (“scores”) are not enough to establish the extensive, biologically sound benefits of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment. PROM (patient-reported outcome measures) scores also provide important additional insights especially regarding the high level of application safety, significant relief from pain and increase in performance and endurance.

Product and laboratory documentation

FIRST maintains product and laboratory documentation as standard procedure in every treatment.
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Treatment standardisation and product standards

Standardising treatment has been given great importance as it allows documented comparability between treatments towards further improvements in patient outcomes from the resulting data.

Documenting the PRP used is especially important, including laboratory documentation; this is standard procedure in every treatment at FIRST. Apart from that, we at FIRST select products that have proven their worth in clinical settings and also have a broad range of scientific data to back them up.

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Studies demonstrate treatment safety and efficacy

None of the numerous studies available have so far reported any negative or dangerous effects of PRPs – a highly favourable point well worth emphasising. The following treatment areas are seeing increasing benefits from favourable developments with high levels of statistical validity in research findings:

Osteoarthritis treatment on the knee and hip joint

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Shoulder (rotator cuff)

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Tennis elbow

Tang, S., Wang, X., Wu, P., Wu, P., Yang, J., & Du, Z. et al. (2020)

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Tendon attachment at the trochanter and hip bone

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Achilles tendon

The efficacy of PRP has not yet been demonstrated to a sufficient level of scientific rigour; however, we have achieved highly favourable outcomes in this area using our own treatment method.

Read about the new treatment options PRP provides for back pain in the next PRP in research and healthcare.

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