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Award as top leader in Regenerative Medicine in Europe 2023

Thanks to all who believed in us, supported and accompanied us, shared knowledge with us – gratitude and pride. Regenerative medicine with its wide range of offers – we continue to work in the development of the best practice.

Biosignaled healing has the capability to direct the body’s cellular and molecular signaling pathways to improve selfhealing capabilities.

Compared to traditional methods like physiotherapy, medication, surgery and rest, biosignaled healing induces the production of specific proteins and peptides within cells. This targeted approach accelerates recovery from injuries, reduces invasiveness, and aligns with the body’s inherent regenerative capacity. FIRST ZURICH, an expert in regenerative medicine and surgery, has introduced an array of effective treatments. By harnessing the body’s natural healing mechanisms through precise cellular and molecular signaling, it offers a wide range of regenerative treatments.

Medtech Outlook 2023-11-02 Cover

November – 02 – 2023

Ralf Peter Schnorr, eMBA, MD, Founder & CEO

« We have conservative non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments, along with cell-based surgery treatments that provide patients with effective and safe alternatives to surgeries and expensive medication. »

Application of Complex Treatment Regimens

FIRST ZURICH addresses the longstanding challenges associated with chronic pain, osteoarthritis, injuries, neuropathic pain, and conditions affecting tendons, ligaments, the spine, and nerves.

Its groundbreaking techniques not only alleviate pain and restore functionality but extend the effectiveness of treatments. This is why medical practitioners recommend its services to new patients seeking specialized care.

To further enhance its services and capabilities, FIRST ZURICH has expanded its initial focus on the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) based on years of development.

This development includes strengthening the PRP methodology through consistent laboratory analysis of the cell concentrates used and the testing and decision for specific blood preparations and their concentration, composition, and volume, as well as the native or activated application.

Through consistent and targeted application guided by sonography for visual control, FIRST ZURICH develops a precise cellular intervention method to address tissue damage. It does not approach treatment solely within the joint space (intra-articular PRP application). Combining intra-articular treatment with effector cell therapy (MSCs) and providing necessary joint support yields more potent results in restoring joint homeostasis. The company’s treatment plan also encompasses relevant structures based on symptoms and damage assessment. This is crucial to addressing capsular tissue, ligaments, tendons, periarticular nerves, and even intraosseous interventions for osteochondral damage within the joint.

FIRST ZURICH’s treatment with cell-based methods is focused on applying complex treatment regimens that achieve freedom from pain and extensive restoration of disturbed joint regulations.

In the process of development, other methods of regenerative medicine and cell activation for regeneration processes, pain control, and restoration of functional tissue may eventually be incorporated into treatment concepts. These are being rigorously tested for efficacy and tolerability, scientific data, and integrability into combinable treatment programs for the benefit of patients.


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Ensuring a Personalized Approach

The development of isolated and combined applicable treatment options of regenerative medicine include the application of PRP and Platelet Rich Growth Factors (PRGF), Intraosseous treatments, use of small vessel fraction (SVF), local and regional photobiomodulation (PBM), systemic photobiomodulation, PBM transcranial and transnasal, neurohydrolysis, prolotherapy, specific physiotherapeutic influence, drug microcirculation promotion, substitution therapy/micronutrients, comprehensive technicaldiagnostic framework, and external shockwave therapy.

One method involves creating small areas of damage in the tissue, such as using glucose and neural prolotherapy to change the nerve’s surroundings. These small injuries trigger the body’s self-healing process and promote tissue repair. Fat-derived cells may be injected into tissues near joints or nerves to provide effective pain relief.

Another way to activate cells for healing is through a light treatment called photobiomodulation, which uses laser or LED light with specific wavelengths. Different colors of light, like blue-green for reducing inflammation or red-nearinfrared for cell activation, can be used to target various types of cells and tissues. This method is safe, without any side- effects or risks, and it enhances the healing process in the surrounding cells and tissues.

This treatment has shown promising results for patients experiencing chronic fatigue and a decline in quality of life. After the treatment, they regain their ability to participate in sports, social activities, work, and social interactions. It has proven effective in reactivating their lives and enhancing their well-being.

FIRST ZURICH uses medications and a hydrogen-based breathing system to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow to tissues, supporting the healing process. It offers substances that open capillaries, leading to better nutrient and oxygen supply to the tissues while reducing swelling caused by cytokine-activated fluid.

With various technologies, such as ultrasound and clinical examination, the team identifies the root causes of pain or dysfunction within the tissues to customize each patient’s treatment.

FIRST ZURICH also educates patients on the benefits of these treatments. It may take three to four weeks before they experience results, due to the complex nature of cellular signaling and the gradual regenerative processes involved. This promotes thorough and natural healing mechanisms within the body, leading to swift tissue repair and minimized scar tissue formation, ultimately healing the wound.

For example, to treat patients with osteoarthritis, multiple methods like PRP, fat stem cells, or fat effector cells are used. These methods alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and prevent the need for joint replacement surgery by impacting the nerves around the affected joint. Patients who have undergone surgeries and still experience chronic pain are also treated.

Streamlining the Care Delivery Process

To up its ante, FIRST ZURICH has forged strategic partnerships with Swisscom, BTI, TOBI, and ICRS.

Swisscom enables it to provide high-quality, up-to-date, secure information management and communication with patients. Digital administration allows timely, targeted communication in treat-to-target care, from admission and information about the course of treatment to the conclusion and immediate sharing of reports in the care process.

Due to its close connections with international expert groups in regenerative medicine, the company can consistently update the therapeutic program with the latest scientific data and developments. This enables it to develop services while ensuring patient safety and effectiveness, as well as expand the latest techniques and methods for their benefit.

In the application of cell-based treatment methods, FIRST relies on suppliers who can guarantee the highest quality and product safety with a proven scientific background and comprehensive data analysis of their product lines.

FIRST ZURICH’s expertise in regenerative medicine and surgery, along with its extensive knowledge of biological healing processes, allows natural repairs in chronic or slowhealing conditions, injuries, and postoperative residuals. This high degree of specialization across disciplines has placed it in a distinct position while increasing the effectiveness of treatments.

« FIRST ZURICH’s expertise in regenerative medicine and surgery, along with its extensive knowledge of biological healing processes, allows natural repairs in chronic or slow-healing conditions, injuries, and postoperative residuals. »

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Alex D’souza

Medical Tech Outlook, November – 02 – 2023

Alex D’souza

Medical Tech Outlook, November – 02 – 2023

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