Cruciate ligament rupture and PRP therapy

Our myPRP series shares stories from our patients on their very personal experiences with biosignalled healing.
We’re fully aware that we can’t take this for granted and would like to thank you very much for your openness.

MyPRP Patrick

Bang – a defensive action – my foot stopped and again … the same pain – I’m already sure, without any medical intervention, my cruciate ligament is torn again.

The third rupture within two years. As an active NLB handball player and pivot, a leader figure for my team in defence – sheer horror.

The rupture occurred on 28/09/2023 and on 03/10/2023 I was already able to present myself at FIRST to receive conservative therapy input. Because at this point I was almost certain that I didn’t want a third operation. This would mean filling the existing drill holes → break, re-plasty of the anterior cruciate ligament at a later date → long rehabilitation phase, reconstruction, etc.

It was already slightly visible on the MRI from 29/09/2023 and the ultrasound confirmed that my cruciate ligament was not yet completely torn. There was still a slight fibrous connection. Hope sprouted – could I avoid the 9-12 month break? I discussed the regenerative therapy concept with Dr Schnorr and was full of enthusiasm to have it carried out.

We planned 3 PRP injections under ultrasound guidance to individual structures (especially to the fibrous remnant of the cruciate ligament) at the earliest point in time and 4 weeks later. In addition, very specific physiotherapy treatments and the consistent wearing of a splint were used.

The final MRI examination took place 4 weeks after the last PRP injection. The cruciate ligament can be clearly visualised on the images again.

I can now start the sport-specific load build-up and will be fully cleared for sport from mid-January.

The treatment has now been completed at FIRST-ZURICH. However, I can contact the practice at any time with questions or problems. I am confident that I will be able to invite the FIRST team to a home game of my handball team in the 2023/2024 season.